Friday, 13 March 2015

Equal Not Special

by fa10

As we bid adieu to yet another International Women's Day, I am left wondering about some of the feedback and commentary questioning why women continue to require a special mention in organizations.

I have read umpteen reports, articles and independent opinion pieces talking about statistics showing how women entrepreneurs are less funded compared to their male counterparts, how we occupy fewer roles in senior management or within the boards of organizations and, in some cases, how the recruitment process tends to have a bias against women.

How does all this translate to requiring a special consideration for being a woman in the business world or in the community at large?

Let me be clear. I don't want special consideration. I never have. I believe in my work, my attitude and the results speaking for itself.

I do, however, continue to speak about receiving equal opportunity and equal consideration for every demographic out there, whether it's based on age, gender, race, geography, culture or anything else that may segregate us as human beings.

In my studio, we have a clear methodology of sifting through applicants for the right talent. If you are willing to compete and work hard to present exceptional executions, it won't matter what your gender is.

I look forward to ridding our society of International Women's Day and, perhaps, having International Person's Day in its stead. Let's move towards having no more special days, and having societal norms that are equally exploitative of the superb talents that all our citizens bring forward. 

Much like the futuristic ideals of Star Trek, let's truly "go where no PERSON has gone before".

Live long and prosper!

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