Tuesday, 12 August 2014


by fa10

“Being creative on demand is, well demanding. Sometimes ideas won’t flow without a little extra prodding in the brain cells.”
- David Sherwin

And it’s quite true. The creative process really is a combination of hard work & dedication. Sure there are creative juices that flow, but as sexy as being an artist, creative explorer or agency person sounds, its not all pancakes & syrup. Once the design brief is understood and research data at hand, it is time to create and evaluate concepts that may solve a problem, design or perhaps even a business problem.

I often find that creativity thrives better under a tight deadline. The more time you are given the more the creative mind goes astray and projects never seem to meet their deadlines. Creativity under pressure brings to bear the best, sometimes the worst, but eventually, if you are truly a “Creatist” (yes it’s a new term that I would like to coin; a creative that’s an artist), you put forth the best possible rendition of a concept.

The creative exploration stages of an artist is achieved in a variety of spaces, mediums, locales and periods that are more often NOT while working during a client project. This creative exploration is what creates that mental catalogue of ideas, that helps with the ideation & creation process and a true Creatist would tell you, this more than all else is the most important phase of one’s career or work life.

So to all my fellow designee’s out there, take a pinch of creativity and a bucket full of hard work and watch the magic happen. If you creatively explore like the seafarers of the past, catalogue like the die hard librarian and work like the grasshopper, you are bound to create create & create some more. We need more Creatists and less Designers. We need true creativity that complements the ideas not oodles of design that kills the elegance of a creative execution.

With that, Be a Creatist & lets meet out on the horizons of creativity, leaving behind the old days, looking forward to a future full of creative possibilities.